A better way to learn new tech skills, with me, Clinton

GetCTRL (Get Control) was built to help the people of the world get control of their technology.

Come and learn some really new cool skills. Fun, friendly and easy to follow videos + pdfs for all your lessons.

Lots of Courses Coming Q3 2021 

This is my passion project. I plan to push out new courses soon

I love teaching new technology with a passion. I love running workshops with large numbers of learners as well as one on one. I try and pour a little bit of fun and personality into easy to follow create course. Come join the movement. These are the earliest of days. Stick around and see what we can come up with in the next few months. 

S.T.E.M Courses

Lots of STEM based learning. Coding, Robotics, Drones and more


One of the most powerful programming langauges is waiting for you right here

Microsoft Windows

We started making videos as far back as Windows XP. Learn more day to day skills here

Scratch 2.0

Scratch is an entire world of amazing as far as learning goes. Come and see for yourself


Learn to code your own website. Make a cool topic page as well as your own gallery

Wordpress Magic

Want to make your own website? Now you can. In no time flat

Easy As 1...2...3...

Sign up. Click a course. Start video 1 and work your way through all the courses. Easy as that. Download and PDF the accompanying PDFs 

Free Courses

Sign up and grab as many free courses as I can make. Learn for free and tell your friends. Let's help everyone we know GetCTRL of their technology. 

Premium Courses

There will be some premium paid for courses coming soon, just to provide an option for people out there who want to help me keep the lights on haha. 

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