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A better way  to get control of your tech. 

If you’ve worked with me before you already know my trainings are upbeat, fun, exciting, full of stories and jam packed with knowledge.

Simple is best. GetCTRL (Get Control) was built to help the people of the world get control of their technology.

Come and learn some really new cool skills. Fun, friendly and easy to follow videos + pdfs for all your lessons.

What Makes Us Different?

Your time is precious, so let’s not waste it. Check out this quick video. 

Incase You Missed It

Here’s some quick and snappy summaries.

Excite Staff

Bring the staff and we bring contagious passion for education and super cool tech.

Engage Staff

Working with staff at their level ensure we have the perfect balance of comfort zone vs learning zone.

Empower Staff

Learning by failing forward, using trial and error to figure out their own “guided” solution is empowering.

Engage Students

When students see drones flip, they flip! Robots, Drones, AI and someone who works in the industry. 

Entertain Students

Delivering workshops for students with a pinch of humor, upbeat and entertaining stories. 

Educate Students

Students learn by doing, by failing and by succeeding. Our challenges and courses are the perfect solution. 

100’s of Courses

This is my long term passion project! Building an online learning community.

I know this is highly ambitious. My son was born in November 2022. I would love to have built up hundreds of courses around Tech before he’s 10. He is a large source of my passion, and you get to share in that. These online courses either free or very low cost. 


Game changing STEM drones excite students as they learn pilotting and coding.

Web Development

Create your own webpages, starting here. Learn the basics of HTML and CSS

Wordpress Websites

Learn all about WordPress, one of the most popular web platforms around.

Scratch Games

Engage students with games! Make your own or have students make them. 


Learn the basics of robots. Assemble Mbots and code them with Blocks or Python.


Python is super fun, friendly and versatile. This is the perfect first script langauge.

Intro to AI

Learn about the thing that set 2023 on fire! A.I is coming. I promise, I wrote this!  

Cloud Platforms

Get complete control of your Google / Microsoft cloud! We do migrations as well.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Signing into a course is super easy! I am still deciding on the platform. I can either self host it, put on Udemy, YouTube etc…

For now, getting access for free is as easy as clicking the link below.


Free Courses

Yes there will be some free courses. At the moment I am leaning towards YouTube for videos. Free courses might not be as polished 🙂 

Premium Courses

These are my cream of the crop courses. I create PDFs, Videos and quizes. It take around 80 hours to produce a 4 hour course. So watch this space.

Ready to get started?

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