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Passionate About Teaching Technology!

Join us for our exciting term-long afterschool programs! Whether it’s Scratch coding, robotics, or micro drones, we teach students to use and respect technology while enhancing their soft skills, such as teamwork and public speaking.

Collaborative Working

Students are encouraged to work together in groups by building projects and practising “Tech Pitches” 

Students choose a field of interest and are grouped with peers who share similar interests. Together, they engage in completing learning materials and exercises. At the end of the term, students either present individually about their experiences or collaboratively pitch their group projects.

Hands Before Screens

As much as we love tech, we also love the idea that today’s students can learn and build without being “glued” to a screen. We encourage all students to fill out pen and paper notes, draw diagrams and express themselves on paper before going to the screen.



Meet The Family

GetCTRL is a family business.

We are passionate about learning and teaching new skills to people worldwide. Clinton builds the programs and entertainingly delivers material to students. Victoria reviews the programs and manages our website. Connor and Chester keep everyone on their toes, ensuring a dynamic and energized team.

Clinton Evans

Teacher + Presenter (Dad)

Connor Evans

Tester + Breaker (Infant)

Victoria Evans

Websites + Admin (Mum)

Chester Evans

Good Boy! (Family Dog)

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027 770 5004

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