Chapter 2: Getting Started with Droneblocks

Now that you've installed the various apps we can look at how the apps and the drone works. We are going to connect to the drone and make our first program.



Welcome to the first video in this series. In this video we are going to learn how to install Droneblocks on our various devices. Good news if you're in a hurry and don't have 7 minutes... the gist of the videos can be found below. 🙂 

We need to be very clear on how our Drone and how our App work together… but separately.







Order of Wireless on Laptop / Apple / Android Device
1. Connect to School Wireless
2. Open DroneBlocks App
3. Login
4. Download projects / missions
5. Disconnect from School Wireless
6. Connect to Tello Wireless
7. Launch Mission
8. Tweak Code
9. Repeat 7 + 8 unless finished
10. Disconnect from Tello Wireless
11. Connect to School Wireless
12. Save your Mission


Looking closely at our Tello you can see a tiny little LED. This LED lets us know the state / status of our Drone.

Off - haha, this means … it's off.
Cycling red, green, orange = booting up.
Flashing orange = waiting for Wireless Connection.
Blinking Green = good sign, Visual Positioning System is active and working.
Blinking Orange = bad sign, VPS not active, controlling drone is going to be an issue.

IT Provider Tips

Do you have an ICT provider? Great. You can request them to "push" Droneblocks to your various devices. Send them the link to this page and they can find the extension URLs from the tabs above. Using modern technology they can push the extension to all your Chromebooks, deploy the apps to your iPads / Android tablets.  

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